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Graceful Family

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When she was a little girl, Mo Seok Hee was exiled to America by her rich and affluent family. Upon receiving news of her grandfather's ill health and impending death, she returns to Korea to pay her last respects -- and to uncover the truth behind her mother's murder which happened fifteen years ago. She enlists the aid of rookie lawyer Heo Yoon Do, who doesn't even have an office.

Mo Seok Hee encounters fierce opposition not only from her own family, but Han Je Kook, the head of MC Group's T.O.P. team, which manages the daily affairs of the family, covering up immoral and illegal actions done by them. The T.O.P. team ensures that the family's public image is pristine by bribing authorities and officials, eliminating evidence of their shame, and making sure that all their enemies mysteriously die. What happens when one of their very own becomes their enemy?