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Atomic Betty

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Betty Barrett is a typical 12-year-old pre-adolescent girl who enjoys school, daydreaming about living in outer space, science-fiction movies and singing in her band, living in Moose Jaw Heights (a fictional suburb of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan).[7][8] Until, Betty finds out that she is actually an alien. Unknown to most of her friends and family, however, she is also a member of the Galactic Guardians, an elite team dedicated to interstellar crime fighting and law enforcement. As `Atomic Betty`, assisted by her two allies; the extraterrestrial pilot Sparky and a robot named X-5, she confronts the evil overlord Maximus I.Q. and his lackey Minimus, as well as other intergalactic supervillains, criminals, terrorists, and gangsters. Despite being rather unassuming on Earth, Atomic Betty is a superstar throughout the galaxy and even has her group of people who consider her their role model.

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